Bariatric Surgery


In a disease whose body mass index is over 40 or has more than one weight effect, the body mass index is above 35, and life can be done in overweight for five years. In some countries this index and age limit can be applied lower. These surgeries are not done with mental problems such as some substance addictions. There is no surgery under the psychiatric treatment again.


An important point for the results of the surgeries is that if there are diabetes and heart diseases, regression is seen in these diseases besides escaping from the lice. There was also a significant reduction in the risk of developing the disease without surgery. It is seen as a solution for many diabetics who can not be controlled in line with the criteria. 80% to 85% of the patients who have been operated on the appropriate criteria have improved in this respect.


After surgery, it is important to make the changes that need to be developed to adapt to the habit. Starting with a special diet program, eating habits are regulated. The way of eating and the content are changed. They are given regular nutrition, slow food eating and long chewing advice. It is necessary to avoid high calorie and beverages. Light activity is recommended instead of heavy activity. Every day of the week, activity is given to increase the heart rate slightly.


People who have this operation are rarely able to gain weight again. Especially in the first year, emotional changes can have an effect on eating. Those who can control this and spend 18 months under regular weight without weight gain the risk of losing weight again.

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