Gamma Knife

Gamma knife treatment is a revolutionary treatment in brain surgery that absolutely treats diseased tissue without harming normal brain tissue. Properly selected brain tumors (brain metastases, acoustic neuroma, vestibular, schwannoma, meningioma, glioblastoma, pituitary adenoma) are a technological device used for cerebrovascular arteriovenous malformation (AVM), face-to-head pain (trigeminal neuralgia). Treatment results are quite good values. It is an advanced treatment method that has proved its effectiveness especially in the last 20 years. Cobalt 60 can focus the gamma rays emitted from the radioisotope in 201 different angles in a single field at the precision of one millimeter.

Under local anesthesia, the procedure begins with fixation of a special frame to the patient's skull from four points; thanks to this frame placed in the skull, appropriate guidance is provided for the gamma rays. Gamma rays are sent to the coordinates where the diseased brain tissue is calculated by looking at MRI-CT2 and, if necessary, angiographic views, with a very accurate engagement. The entire procedure lasts from 2 to 5 hours and patients can usually go home on the same day. In most cases, only one session can be treated.

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