In our age, people are exposed more frequently to carcinogenic substances. Cigarettes, alcohol, some food additives are inviting to cancer. There is a great deal of work on cancer treatments. However, despite all the improvements, surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are the most common treatments for cancer. A good surgical technique, a correct and effective chemotherapy treatment, as well as a radiotherapy treatment plan, which is to be done with maximum protection of the targeted and intact tissues, is still the best combination of treatments. In the long run, it is important to ensure that the patient has a healthier life by being least affected by the side effects. With a well trained, professional staff, this efficiency reaches its maximum point.


Before these treatments, it is also necessary to mention PET CT, which has an important place in accurate cancer diagnosis. Cancer is the most common area of ​​use for diagnosis and follow-up of diseases. PET CT is now an indispensable tool for oncologists, such as the diagnosis of cancer, the presence or absence of metastases, where it is, evaluation of post-treatment response, and selection of the right site for biopsy. In the PET CT procedure, various substances called 'radiopharmaceutical' are injected into the body via the vein. In this process, the FDG molecule, which is chemically very similar to the sugar molecule, is used. This substance is combined with the radioactive F-18 atom, and the detection of the behavior of the radioactive substance in the body results in images. At this point, guidance images are obtained for correct diagnosis and treatment planning.


With the development of the technology for this purpose in the field of radiotherapy, devices that can provide a stronger organ and tissue protection, such as stereotaxic radiosurgery (radiation therapy) and intensity-adjusted radiotherapy, which are much more effective than the beginning of the 2000s have become indispensable in cancer. Good dosage distributions ensure that the diseased tissue or organ is given a high dose while the surrounding intact tissues are exposed to the lowest dose. Thus, the patient has less problems after treatment. In addition, in the early stages of some types of cancer (nasal, laryngeal, lung, prostate, etc.), it is possible to completely heal the patient with radiotherapy or chemoradiotherapy without surgery.


Thanks to its high-tech products, radiotherapy, which is constantly increasing in combined therapies, becomes one of the indispensable treatment methods. The world's latest technology products in Turkey and Istanbul took place in many hospitals. It has become a center of attraction for the treatment of patients coming from many countries.

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