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Implant is a method used in the treatment of tooth deficiencies. Implants are implanted surgically under local anesthesia to the missing tooth or teeth cavities (jaw bone). They are usually made from screw-like and bio compatible titanium and similar materials in a form similar to tooth root. There are two different applications available. either the implant can be inserted in the same session as the natural gap created during the insertion, or it can be implanted in the bone.

Implants placed in the jawbone behave like roots of missing teeth or teeth, and different prostheses can be made by supporting from them. These prostheses may be fixed or movable (removable by the patient) according to the number of missing teeth.

If the patient's medical condition is appropriate, tooth extraction, implant placement and temporary prosthesis can be inserted in the same session. Following implant placement, temporary implant prosthesis on the implant can be applied in the same session.

It may be necessary to perform preparations to increase bone volume, especially when there is insufficient volume for the bone implant. In these cases, placement of the implant or implant prosthesis construction may be delayed due to the expectation of a healing period.

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