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According to TUIK (Turkey Statistical Institute) data, the number of foreigners coming to Turkey for health and medical purposes increased by 20 % compared to the 2018 and reached 662k people in 2019.


In this period, there is remarkable increase in the number of arrivals of British people with 123% and the number of patient coming to Turkey has reached to 30k. In addition, the arrival rate increased by 300% in Italians, 100% in Swedes, 50% in French and 32% in Germans.

Besides, people comes from all over the world for health tourism To Turkey from Australia (4766 people), South Asia (1930 people), Central and South American countries (3,309 people). 


Turkey claims 662,000 medical tourists in 2019 and US$1.06 billion in revenue, although it expects a reduced US$1 billion in revenue for 2020.

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