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Fibroblast Culture (Anti aging)


What is fibroblast culture?

It is applied to trigger the formation of collagen under the skin thanks to the growth factors secreted by fibroblasts. The tissue required for fibroblast culture is taken from the back of the patient’s ear by punch biopsy with a diameter of 3 mm under sterile conditions. 3-4 biopsy materials are sufficient. The reason why it is taken from behind the ear is because it is a solid tissue without sun damage. In the same session, approximately 50 cc of blood is taken from the patient. The biopsy and blood sample taken are sent to the laboratory where fibroblasts will be produced, and production begins. Production time is 4 * 6 weeks. At the end of this period, a sterile, 5 ml solution containing a minimum of 25 million fibroblasts is delivered to the clinic in a vial ready for injection and the application is performed. It is applied point by point to the desired area, it is sufficient to use anesthetic cream before the procedure.

Who is the fibroblast culture for?

It is especially applied to correct tissue damage in the face, neck, décolleté and hand area. It is suitable for use in wrinkle treatment, acne scar treatment, wound treatment. Ideally, the person to be treated is middle-aged (under 60 years old).

What are the advantages of fibroblast culture over surgery?

It would not be correct to compare the application with surgery. It is not possible to achieve successful results with fibroblast culture in people who need a facelift with surgery.

Does antibody formation occur in fibroblast culture?

Since the fibroblasts obtained are produced from the person’s own tissue and blood, there is no antibody formation.

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