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NG-Yag Laser


What is ND-YAG Laser?

ND-YAG laser is a laser system with a wavelength of 1064 nm. It is a wavelength that can be absorbed by hemoglobin, so it can be used successfully in capillary treatment. ND-YAG laser can also be used for hair removal, especially when applied to dark-skinned people, the risk of burns is low. Laser epilation with Nd:YAG is more painful than other laser systems. Swelling, redness and mild edema may occur after the application. This may take several days. Applications made with high doses, especially in people with tanned skin, may cause burns on the skin. After these temporary burns, crusting occurs on the skin and hypopigmentation (white spots on the skin) may develop after the crust falls off. The risk of such side effects is very low when administered at appropriate doses.

How is capillary treatment done with ND-YAG?

It is an application in which local anesthetic cream cannot be applied before the application. It is done in cold weather. In the treatment of capillary vessels on the face or body, cherry mole treatment is applied after wearing a cap of appropriate diameter. After the procedure, there is definitely redness and edema in the applied area. The veins become darker temporarily, crusting may occur, this shell should not be removed after the procedure. With the wound cream recommended by the physician, healing takes place in a few weeks. The second session can be applied after 4*6 weeks. When high doses are applied, white or brown marks may remain in the treatment area.

Can varicose veins be treated with ND-YAG?

Superficial varicose veins, especially on the legs, can be successfully treated with ND yag laser.

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