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Prosthetic (Artificial) Eye


As an ophthalmologist, our first aim is always to protect the vision of our patients. However, in some cases it may not be possible to preserve the sense of sight. Our aim in these patients is to keep the eyeball in place. Even without a sense of vision, the eyeball is very important for the aesthetics of the patient. In some cases, the patient’s eyeball may not be preserved, and for such patients life may be very annoying not only because they can not see, but also because the are cosmetically affected. In addition to creating aesthetic deficits, this situation may decrease social self-confidence and cause social communication disorders. In such patients, the objective of the ophthalmologist is to create a suitable environment for prosthetic eye application and to provide cosmetic comfort to the patient. For this purpose, in our clinic, preparatory surgeries such as evisceration, enucleation and mobile custom made prosthetic eye applications are performed.

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