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Regional Thinning Mesotherapy


Is regional thinning possible?

In people whose body mass index is within the normal range and who are not in the obese category, the fat that cannot be eliminated by diet and exercise can be reduced locally. Both devices and injection treatments can be applied for regional thinning.

What is regional thinning mesotherapy?

Regional thinning mesotherapy is the reduction of subcutaneous fat tissue by injection method. It is a body sculpting application. It is applied to reduce local lubrication that cannot be eliminated by diet and exercise. It is aimed to reduce the number of fat cells in the area applied by injection. Substances such as sodium deoxycholic acid and phosphatidylcholine are used to dissolve fat. There may be swelling, bruising and tenderness after the application. It returns to normal within 7x10 days.

Is non-surgical regional thinning permanent?

If the person does not gain or lose weight constantly, the application is permanent.

How many sessions of regional thinning?

At least 2 sessions should be applied with an interval of one month. Depending on the density of the amount of oil, up to 6-8 sessions can be applied.

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