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Hair greatly affects people's appearance and self-confidence. The main causes of male and female hair loss are genetics and hormones. In addition, it can be said that stress also has an effect.

Today, hair transplantation is performed in thousands of hospitals and clinics in many countries, demand created supply.

But how do you find the clinic/hospital that will do the most suitable and quality treatment for you in such a large market?

Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Mexico, Germany, Thailand, and India are among the most preferred countries for hair transplantation in the World.

Well? Why Hair Transplant performed in Turkey is So Popular?

  • The fact that Turkey is the most preferred country for transplantation depends on the fact that hair transplantation has been done for many years and the experience is at the highest level. Because patients seek for trust especially in healthcare sector.

  • Secondly, When we compare the prices and accessibility, hair transplantation is more affordable in Turkey than than other countries. This means that patients can also spend their holidays in Turkey with the money to have a hair transplant in their own country.

  • Wouldn't you like to complete the treatment in internationally quality hospitals and clinics? If you say 'yes!', Turkey is the best choice for you. Because in Turkey, licenses are not given to places where the required quality standards are not met.

  • Your transportation, accommodation and language support are mostly added to the package you will receive in Turkey. You can buy a vacation according to your health status also.

  • We said that with the widespread use of hair transplantation, many clinics have been opened and hundreds of people have done these procedures. So, are these people experts in hair transplantation? Are they good at this job? Having doctors who are experts is the most important thing for the success of the procedure.


1) Is hair transplantation done once?

If it is done by a trained and experienced hair restoration specialist, the hair transplant process can last a lifetime. This is because the genetic predisposition to hair loss is in the follicle rather than the scalp.

2) How often does a hair transplant fail?

In a professional clinic, the failure rate would be less than 2%. Because in these clinics, tests will be performed before the procedure and it will be analyzed whether the procedure is suitable for you. In non-professional hair transplant centers, unsuccessful hair transplants account for 30% of all surgeries.

3) What is the common hair transplantation method?

FUE hair transplantation technique, which is the most used technique in hair transplantation operations. The FUE method is extremely powerful and is a more advanced application method than the FUT method.

The FUE procedure is preferred by those who want to wear their hair very short. However, the FUE procedure does require us to shave the recipient site. If you want to avoid a short haircut, the FUT procedure may be a better option. Removing the grafts as a group in the FUT procedure results in a fine scar on the back of the head that is easily concealed with the hair worn at a half-inch or longer.

4) Are hair transplant procedures also applied to women?

Yes, although hair transplantation is common among men, it is also applied to women, and successful results are obtained.

5) Is there any pain during or after hair transplantation?

Since there is regional anesthesia during hair transplantation, no pain will be felt. However, you may have complaints such as pain, itching and tingling in your donor area or planting area immediately after the procedure. Here too, your pain will be minimized with the painkillers your doctor will give you.

We have gathered service providers with high success rates, who provide services at international standards by experts for you in Turkey. You can access the service from the button below.

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