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Patients regularly travel to the west countries for advanced medical care. But opposite direction is trendy now. Nowadays patients from western countries seek medical care outside of their country. Leading causes are raising costs, waiting lists and insufficient care. However, advanced Internet technology and apps provide information on medical tourism regarding best treatments and experiences gained from patients. One of the best medical destinations is Turkey. Turkey has a large number of internationally accredited hospitals, is a leader tourism destination, and is positioning itself to attract international patients.

Indeed, when we look at a scientific study;

Factors driving travelers away from their home country (push factors) were cost and lack of treatment options or insufficient insurance coverage in their home country. Leading factors attracting patients to destination (pull factors) were lower costs, physician’s expertise and responsiveness, and familiarity or interest in Turkey. Health travelers to Turkey were generally satisfied with the outcomes of their procedures and care provided by their physicians, many noting intent to return. Communication challenges, food, transportation, and gaps in customer service emerged as key areas for improvement (


In addition when we look at to Google search, you can find the links that say Turkey is the best destination for medical tourism below. Turkey is one of the best choice for vacation also. You can contact us for your vacation plan also.


We'd love to advice you the ideal tourism destination according to your health status.

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