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HIFU (Anti aging)


What is HIFU?

HIFU high-intensity focused ultrasound is one of the anti-aging treatments used for non-surgical facelift. It creates controlled tissue damage by using high-intensity sound waves in the facial SMAS tissue. In this way, while the damaged tissue heals, there is an increase in collagen. Anesthetic cream is applied before the procedure, the application takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Is HIFU treatment effective?

It is quite effective in appropriate cases. It is applied to reduce sagging on the lower face, reduce jowl lubrication, and tighten the arm, especially in people with a plump face. It can also be applied to treat the fine lines around the eyes and neck.

Is HIFU harmful?

After the procedure, edema, numbness, loss of sensation, and rarely bruising can be seen in the applied area. When applied to a thin-faced person, a decrease in adipose tissue may occur.

What are the advantages of HIFU treatment?

It can be applied in all seasons, it can be applied to people with dark skin, it does not require a recovery period after the procedure, it is a procedure applied once a year.

When does HIFU show its effect?

The efficacy of the treatment is fully seen within the 6th months. It is recommended to apply once a year.

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