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Medical Tourism is a term involving people who travel to a different place to receive treatment for a disease or ailment and who are seeking lower cost care, higher quality of care, better access to care or different care than they could receive at home (Global Spa Summit, 2011).

Patients regularly travel to the west countries for advanced medical care. But opposite direction is trendy now. Nowadays patients from western countries seek medical care outside of their country. Leading causes are raising costs, waiting lists and insufficient care. However, advanced Internet technology and apps provide information on medical tourism regarding best treatments and experiences gained from patients.

Health tourism in Turkey is getting more popular day by day. Turkey was ranked third in medical tourism by the International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ).

Turkey has a large number of internationally accredited hospitals. 46 health institutions in Turkey have JCI accreditation. Turkey is also among the top 3 countries with the most JCI accreditation in the world. Turkey is a leader tourism destination, and is positioning itself to attract international patients.

Many people come to Turkey due to the cost, quality, waiting period and ultimate facilities in the healthcare sector. In 2021, 672,444 foreigners visited Turkey just to take advantage of their excellent medical treatment and care services.

Why Do People Prefer Turkey For Medical Tourism?

According to a research, factors driving travelers away from their home country (push factors) were cost and lack of treatment options or insufficient insurance coverage in their home country. Leading factors attracting patients to destination (pull factors) were lower costs, physician’s expertise and responsiveness, and familiarity or interest in Turkey. Health travelers to Turkey were generally satisfied with the outcomes of their procedures and care provided by their physicians, many noting intent to return. Communication challenges, food, transportation, and gaps in customer service emerged as key areas for improvement (

When we look at the leading factors;

Quality of healthcare services

Highly qualified & skilled doctors & health professionals

Cost of medical services

Short standby time

Availability of advanced medical equipment

JCI accredited hospitals

Medical vacation

Quality of healthcare services:

One of the top reasons why medical tourists prefer Turkey for healthcare is because they are inspired by a large number of JCI-Accredited medical healthcare. And highly qualified and skilled doctors and other healthcare professionals take care of your treatment.

Cost of medical services:

If you are planning to travel abroad for medical care and don't know where to go, Turkey can be one of the most budget-friendly options. Treatment costs in Turkey are 70%-90% less than the prices in The UK, Europe and North America. For example, heart valve replacement surgery costs 170,000 USD-200,000 USD in the USA while it costs around 17.000 USD in experienced hands in Turkey.

Short standby time:

People who do not want to wait in their own country may prefer Turkey for health tourism, because the patient be treated immediately in Turkey. No need to wait for a schedule for elective surgeries or procedures.

Medical vacation:

Turkey is said to be the gateway between the east and west. Its location is easily accessible whichever continent or country you may be coming from. Also, it has always been a global commercial, cultural, and political center. After your treatment, you can also take a vacation in this beautiful country.

If you plan to visit Turkey, the following services await you. These services are incorporated into Turkey's medical packages so that visitors don't face any difficulty throughout their stay.

These packages including: Accommodations, Food and Beverages, Translator, Spa and Salon Services, VIP Transfers, Personal Assistant, a Private Room, Private Chef, etc.


  • You will be so satisfied with the treatment you receive in Turkey that you will not be able to stop recommending it to your friends.

  • The cost of the treatment you will receive by specialist doctors in hospitals accredited by JCI will make you smile.

  • You will love Turkey and you will not want to spend your holidays elsewhere.

FlyToHealth to Turkey

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